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Cost of Hiring an Architect

There’s always an architect associated with commercial construction, so does that mean you need an architect if you are planning to remodel or add to your home? Given the complexity of the project, most builders are able handle both the design and construction phases of your project; however, hiring an architect before you approach a builder will give you the opportunity to focus strictly on the design without any further commitment to the project.

If you approach a builder to draft your plans, the plans remain the property of the builder until you are under contract with them. If you are trying to shop builders and each has a slightly different rendition of the project, it muddles the situation. Not to mention the process becomes tedious because as you shop builders, you are always starting from “square one.”

An architect is not only savvy about the practical elements of construction, but he or she will also have an eye for design and style. Once the architect drafts the plans, you will possess an artful rendition of your project which you can present to builders as they compete for your project. Shopping for builders is easier, and by providing each builder with the plans, you’ll be assured that their estimates are for the same product.

So how much does is cost to hire an architect? Using a matching service is an efficient and convenient way to determine the cost. Without leaving the comfort of your computer, simply answer a few questions about your architectural needs, and the matching service will identify three or four local architects who are interested in working with you.

After you have been matched, the architects will begin calling. As you take a few minutes to talk with them, ask yourself: Are they personable? Did you get a good feeling? Interview them about their schooling and experience. Take a moment to browse their websites, read customer reviews and see if other customers had a good experience. As you look at their portfolios, does their design style match your vision?

Most architects have an hourly rate which eventually corresponds into the quote for a particular job. There is usually no charge for the initial consultation, so schedule a face to face meeting with the architect. After the meeting, they will give you a quote for their services. Once you have the opportunity to meet several architects, get a flavor for their work and review their estimates, you will feel confident that you are hiring the right professional for your project, and the cost will no longer be mystery.
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Receive free cost estimates from architects, architectural firms, home designers, drafting services, and more...
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